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Something Not Taught In School? – Copywriting for Conversions

If you write content, any kind of content, you probably wonder whether or not your copy is going to persuade someone to complete your desired action or conversion. The tips I’m going to share can be used for longer copy, but I mostly apply it to ads, Facebook posts, and landings page content that I write for increased conversion rates. Here we go!

Tip #1 Be Personal

Use you/your/I as much as you can. Especially if you’re posting in Facebook using your organization’s profile, you’re speaking to people – not another organization. Being personal will make your people feel like you’re another individual speaking directly to them, rather than a faceless corporation searching for sales.

Be personal, write on the individual level

Tip #2 It Doesn’t Have to Be Creative It Just Has To Have Resonance

Sometimes we think that we have to be creative, but you don’t always need to be. Your writing sales copy just needs to resonate with the person reading your content. As long as you’re accomplishing that you will see better results than if you focused on writing something unique or original that no one else has written about before.

Make content that resonates first, worry about originality after

Tip #3 Emotional First, Rational After

Appeal to people’s emotions. Then hit them with your rational argument. Popular emotions to appeal to are pride, fear, laziness, and approval. Rational arguments to make could be cost effectiveness, profit, and savings.

Tip #4 People Are More Likely To Read Headlines With The First Letter Of Every Word Capitalized

This is a North American thing. It won’t however be the same across the world, like in Europe, they might react better to headlines without the capitalization.

Capitalizing headlines tends to increase reader retention

Tip #5 No One Cares About Your Body Copy Unless They Care About Your Headline

You’re probably only reading this blog because the headline caught your eye, and it resonated with you. Spend most of your time thinking of a heading rather than the actual content. I spent 1/2 of the time working this headline with my colleagues and the rest on writing the content.

So follow these five tips in all of your ads, blogs, and social media posts, and soon you should notice greater reader retention and better conversion rates as a result!

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

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