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Would You Buy Auto Insurance from Google?

Is Car Insurance from Google Coming soon?

You’ve spent weeks, possibly months, figuring out which new vehicle you’re going to buy. Make, model, colour, price range, and even which dealership you’re going with. One of the final things you need to consider is insurance. This decision can seem daunting to many, with so many choices on the market. Do you go with the dealership insurance, do you go with your bank, or do you bundle your car insurance with home and life insurance?

Now there will be one more choice added to the list — do you go with Google Insurance?


Coming Soon: Insurance from the Biggest Data Collector of Them All?

Even if this won’t be an option for Canadians quite yet, it’s something to start thinking about. The search engine giant has been running its Google Insurance Compare program in the U.K. since 2012 and is now looking to expand into the U.S. auto market.

Google is wasting little time in setting themselves up for success in the U.S. market; they are already licensed to sell car insurance in 25 states, including the Big Three: California, New York, and Texas. The New York Times reports that Google has recently formed a partnership with, an insurance comparison site, and is looking to acquire CoverHound, an insurance company from San Francisco.

Although nothing has been confirmed, if Google is in the process of acquiring CoverHound, they will most likely get into the U.S. market faster than we can imagine. What Google is planning is still a matter of speculation, but it’s definitely something to keep an eye on. Who knows, maybe by the time you’re ready to buy your next car, there will be another insurance player in the market.

Stay tuned!

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