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The World Cup of UTM!

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Imagine a world of data that you can interpret, analyze, and use to build future marketing campaigns. Now, what if you could do all that right now . . . from the comfort of your laptop while you watch your favorite country win their next footy match.

Welcome to UTM, where each campaign URL is tracked and analyzed using Google Analytics. At Strathcom Media, we add campaign tracking keywords and parameters to each URL that we use in every online ad and digital campaign we produce. The result is more data to utilize, and a stronger data set to base our client’s marketing strategies on.

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Who’s on the UTM roster?

Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) represents text that is incorporated into each campaign URL, and they pass data on to Google Analytics, to be clearly displayed in reports. Parameters include source, medium, campaign term (keyword), and ad content. Campaign name, source, and medium are the only required values.

What’s the UTM team strategy? i.e. the benefits of campaign tracking

UTM tracking lets digital campaigns from AdWords advertising and Facebook advertising pull campaign data from each advertising platform into Google Analytics, where the data can be interpreted and analyzed. This data represents users who have visited your website from an advertising campaign, and their interactions on the website, rather than just representing conversion data from an advertising platform. It also lets our team get more granular with our analysis and look at how each campaign, adgroup, and even ads, are performing.

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How can this data help clients with their goals?

Our team routinely reviews the success of our advertising campaigns to ensure that we produce consistent results month over month for our clients. We optimize underperforming campaigns to improve key metrics, and measure new campaigns to the success of past campaigns. The future is data, and having more data to work with builds our understanding of the current customer in the buying market. We can review the success of key metrics in Google Analytics to interpret how successful users performed on site.

How does this data help in future advertising efforts?

With great data, comes great responsibility —  responsibility to our clients that is. Using remarketing, you can show Google search ads to your previous site visitors when they search using our chosen keywords. With more campaign data we are able to build more accurate remarketing lists to target users who have clicked on our ads to visit our website. To accomplish this, we utilize the user’s browser cookies to build an audience from our campaigns. An example of how this would look in a digital marketing strategy would be to create a Facebook campaign to target users with a high-funnel advertisement for a Toyota Corolla. Since these users represent customers still in the buying journey, we can gather them in Google Analytics and then target ads to them when they begin to search for ‘Toyota Corolla’ or related search terms in Google. Our ads will appear, and we will know that we are reaching a user who is lower in the buying funnel. Thus, becoming a more qualified sales lead. Sort of like, making it to the World Cup knockout stages — you’re that much closer to winning it all!

Put me in coach!

If you are interested in learning more about our data analysis, how our digital marketing can help your business, or what we think of the results of this year’s World Cup so far, feel free to contact your online marketing manager, or

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