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World Cup BBQ

It’s the biggest game in the world. Every year, millions everywhere gather to yell, cheer, and pump their fists. Clutching to the dream that their respective clan will dominate, claiming glory to that golden cup.

FIfa World Cup

It’s one of the most fierce and competitive seasons known to man, characterized by blood, sweat, grass stains, and fans with a huge lung capacity. The never-ending sea of fans cheer and stomp their feet so loud, it echoes like thunder. The players hold the crowd’s breath captive as they dance across the field like a cheetah cornering its prey.

I have always been amazed that something so simple could bring so many people together. Hundreds of thousands of people, many who are complete strangers, put their differences aside and gather in unison to cheer, high-five, and clink drinks with each other with every play.

Today at Strathcom, we dipped our toes into the soccer world and partook in the celebration.

This included the old fashioned American burgers, German-style smokies with sauerkraut, and perhaps some German refreshment as well.

world cup bbq

We headed south of the border with some amazing homemade salsas and nachos. Don’t worry, we didn’t leave the Italians out either. We had vegetables with our veggie kabobs topped with dressing. Don’t forget the pitas, thanks to the Greeks.

fifa world cup bbq

pot luck food

Of course we had cake—is there a culture that doesn’t? We had a small detour to Switzerland and indulged in their infamous chocolate.

Nothing beats a beautiful day outside while partaking in one of the most celebrated games of all time.

Some of us took the initiative to dress the part, as well as some soccer dribbling practice during the feast while we allowed ourselves to digest.

Here at Strathcom, we gathered together as a team to share in the amazing culture of soccer the only way we know how. We ate until we could eat no more, and we have no regrets about that.


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