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WordPress is Taking Over

Expect WordPress to take over the CMS market.

The Strathcom WordPress platform has been evolving on a daily basis. We are progressively adding features and pushing out improvements to ensure that your websites are at their best. If you want to know more about the platform, you can check out this post to give you some insight.

So how can the platform shine even more? Simple: by having Google lend a hand.

Google is one of the most dominant entities that can shape the internet. Recently, they started to invest their resources by teaming up with WordPress. WordPress is one of the largest open-source CMS (Content Management Systems) out there, boasting a market share of close to 59% and an estimated 1/3 of all web content published. Expect these numbers to increase with Google’s help.

What does this mean for the future? As Alberto Medina (Google Developer) states, “The goal of our team is to help bring these two worlds together and work both with the WordPress community and core developers, and the web platform developers to enable amazing user experiences on the web”- Albero Median blog.

This is great news for any web-hosted WordPress websites in general, as we will be seeing accelerated speeds and vast enhancements.

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