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What We Learned at DealerTalk 2013

DealerTalk 2013
Credit to Grant Cardone for the picture.

DealerTalk was a huge success and we were ecstatic we could help sponsor it. We’d like to give big thanks to Kijiji for making an absolutely fantastic event this year! Everyone who was lucky enough to attend got an inside look at some of the latest automotive internet marketing strategies, and there’s no doubt that this is an exciting time in our industry.

The Four Seasons was an excellent venue and we all enjoyed sumptuous food and a great atmosphere.  Of course, we weren’t there just for the food. We learned some valuable lessons from the leaders in strategic automotive marketing:

1. Retargeting in the Real World

Paul Potratz was our first speaker, and just as promised he gave some valuable insights on how effective retargeting can bring back potential customers, and we learned some creative methods of targeting different types of online customers.

2. Social Media Clinic

Scott Monty set the record straight in his social media discussion, where we looked at some great examples of successful social media campaigns in the industry. He showed us examples of several creative Ford campaigns that had the analytics to back up their success. You can check out Scott Monty’s blog [] to see his social media insights for yourself.

3. Break Time

Jay Onrait from TSN was our lunch time guest, and he was absolutely hilarious. The two things we took away from it are that you have to be yourself, and that O’Toole doesn’t take road trips.

4. Dominating Your Market

The third speaker was Grant Cardone, a very engaging and energetic speaker in person. His message was to pull out of obscurity and dominate your market. Don’t try to compete, he says. Rather, dominate the market. And that doesn’t mean trying to provide the lowest price (a big mistake). Even if you’re successful in your market, you should be focusing on how to keep your customer’s interest.

5. Empower Your People

Our fourth speaker was John Edeleman who runs an extremely successful non-franchised dealership by his own rules. John empowers his people his customers and his community and has had tremendous success doing so.

We will be sharing these valuable lessons in the coming year with our clients. We were so happy we could sponsor such a fabulous event and we look forward to joining you next year to keep up with automotive dealership trends at DealerTalk 2014!

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