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Customizable & Responsive

Each Strathcom website is built for speed, security, and reliability. Not only do we tailor your website to your needs, but we also give you the power to do so yourself with our custom WordPress CMS platform!

Personalized Messaging & Geo-Fencing

Unique visitor, unique message.

Take your website to the next level and serve website visitors a different message or offer, based on what they previously searched for, or based on their geographic location. You can personalize your website’s messaging to each visitor with our tools to change and tailor the creative message and call-to-actions in real-time, based on each returning visitor’s individual characteristics and demographics.

Different from Geo-Targeting, our technology allows you to serve visitors personalized, creative messaging and call-to-actions in real-time while they visit the website from inside certain areas, competitors, or businesses.

Notepad & Silent Salesman

Inspired by tools used by Expedia & Amazon.
Automatically save vehicles searched and viewed by visitors, then apply scarcity and abundance tactics to increase conversion. If a visitor leaves the website and returns at a later time, the vehicle they viewed is automatically saved on the notepad tool and the system will update the visitor if the price changed or if it was sold. We can also display how many others previously viewed or inquired about a vehicle to visitors as an added incentive for users to turn into a lead!

AWS & Pantheon

We only provide you with the best of the best when it comes to websites and website security. Each of our responsive and secure (HTTPS) websites are optimized for all screen sizes and devices, and each one is hosted in AWS and Pantheon for speed, security and reliability. These companies boast clients like the United Nations, Cisco, Dell, Expedia, Air BnB, Netflix, and more!

Full Customization on WordPress

Strathcom websites operate under a custom WordPress CMS, which includes the ability to edit videos, images or text on any page, as well as SEO tools integrated into the platform. This gives you more power and control over your website, and the ability to update it as needed, regardless of technical skill level. There are no restrictions on the amount of content a Retailer can create, so the possibilities are endless!

Websites You'll Love

Your customers will thank you for it!
Our goal at Strathcom not only involves helping you manage your business, but also making a user-friendly experience for your customers, too!

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