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Webinar Recap – How to Increase Conversions on Your Landing Pages

How to Increase Conversions on Your Landing Pages

In an increasingly competitive market where customers demand more from you, conversions can be the key to successful leads and to driving traffic on your website. Conversion Rate Optimization, also known as CRO, is a systematic way of increasing the percentage of visitors to a website who are likely to convert into customers or who have taken a desired action on a webpage. This post expands on some key points that were covered in the webinar on February 22nd (How to Increase Conversions on Your Landing Pages) that’ll help you maximize your conversion potential on landing pages.

A popular question asked by many of Strathcom’s clients is, “what can I do on my website to get more leads”? An important thing to consider when asking yourself this question is how your website looks from the average user’s point of view and what you might do to improve their experience on your website. When filling out a lead form, users typically don’t want to provide a huge amount of detailed information; they want a quick and easily accessible form with minimal required fields and other obstacles that stand between them and them pressing “send”. To determine which fields are most important, your Online Marketing Manager can supply data that will allow you to adapt these aspects based on the people visiting your site, whether this be customers in a younger demographic more oriented towards email, or customers in an older demographic that may prefer the phone. We’re here to meet those needs and push your website to its full potential.

Another important question to ask yourself is “what is the goal of your website”? What key messages do you want to focus on or make known to the user with the aim of keeping them engaged and interacting? At Strathcom, we recommend studying your website analytics. This data is the most important tool in your arsenal for helping to improve your site specifically based on your audience’s preferences. Heatmap tools like Hotjar or Crazy Egg can help shed light on how a user interacts with certain elements of your website by observing their clicks and scrolls. This, in turn, allows you to focus on those areas by generating precise messaging for what you want to present, when you want to present it, and to whom.

We quite often get inquiries about how to make key messages “pop”– something very effective when done correctly. The average user spends about two seconds on a pop-up message before closing it out. It’s essential to make sure you are putting the right pop-up in the right form, in the right context. For instance, if your aim is to create a pop-up for mobile sites, make sure that it is simple and small so that the disruption to user experience is minimal. Fonts should be clear and concise, using toned downed colours that focus the reader, rather than fatigue them. Refine the contrast between your background colour and the fonts your using; create something enticing but not overwhelming to the human eye.

Different fundamentals of Conversion Rate Optimization continue to change in today’s world, and the possibilities are infinite when expanding your brand. Focus on the users’ needs by making sure it’s easy for people to contact you and do what they want to do on your website!

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

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