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Twitter 101: Why do I need to be on Twitter Anyway?

Many dealers have seen how Facebook can help them sell more cars and get better and closer access to their customers. But what about Twitter? Can the 140-character sharing site and land of the hashtag drive customers to their dealerships in the same numbers?

Well, Twitter has fast become a major marketing tool, and this post will help you wrap your head around a few reasons why you don’t want to miss out.

1. Be Seen by Millions

Effectively communicating on Twitter means your business or product could be seen by millions of users—230 million to be exact. An interactive presence creates stronger brand ties than simply seeing an ad in the newspaper or a commercial.

Many businesses still underestimate the effect Twitter has on its users.The fact is that 71% of users purchase products from brands they follow on Twitter.

76% of users are connecting with mobile devices. – Twitter Business



A customer may follow an account after seeing an informative and interesting tweet and this ‘follow’ connects them

to your dealership. Someday this customer may need a vehicle, and your dealership will be the first to come to mind.

2. Scale your Customer Service

A major upside of having a Twitter account for your dealership is it scales your customer service team so more than just one person can answer reviews and inquiries.

This gives your business the ability to spread customer service responsibilities across yo

ur team and gets more employees actively engaged. Twitter is essentially a platform for users to share their thoughts, and customers will appreciate instant responses from a dealer if they did not have a favourable experience.

Remember, users are far more vocal on social media than they are on regular review boar

ds. By quickly replying to their tweets, you can help your business establish itself as a community-centric dealership.

3. Showcase Your Dealership

Another great aspect of Twitter is its ability to showcase the sights of your business.

Rather than rely on unreliable foot traffic to showcase the brand new Corvette you have sitting in your showroom, Twitter gives you the ability to tweet a picture of its bold yellow curves and entice Twitter followers to come in and check it out right away.

But why stop there? Do you have handsome staff? Does your dealership look great lit up at night? Are customers having a fantastic time playing one of your colourful promotion games or driving off in new wheels? Snap a pic and tweet it for others to share!

Twitter gives a dealership the ability to share their passion for vehicles, which—in turn—creates a more human connection to the brand.

Twitter for dealers

4. Market to Mobile

As mentioned earlier, 76% of users access Twitter on a mobile device.

That means they are browsing on-the-go. If you can catch a user’s eye and entice them

to stop by on their way home from work, this may turn into a possible sale.

86% of Twitter followers are more likely to make a future purchase from your business.

It is important to develop your voice on Twitter. Always remember to match your voice with your audience. Users will likely follow your account to learn about new products, but also to learn about the type of people they will be dealing with if they come into your dealership.

To find out more on how Twitter is fast-becoming an essential tool for auto dealers check out some of our other posts!

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