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Turn Even More Website Visitors into Leads

Advertisers love the ability to follow around potential customers with remarketing ads because it’s a great reminder to customers of their ever growing list of wants, as the advertiser patiently waits until your will power is at its lowest and for you to finally return and make your next purchase. You may even be running these images ads for your own dealership.

Today, this is how most people search for new vehicles.

Now, what if I told you that you could have this same stalking ability but get your business in front of audience that is actively shopping for your products a second time? No more passive approach to remarketing, patiently waiting until a user is ready to continue down the purchase path. You can skip the waiting and now entice previous website visitors when they’re actively on the hunt again. How can this be? Well…

Enter Remarketing Lists for Search, or as we prefer: RLSAs.

RLSAs combined the ever so favorite stalking ability we’ve grown accustom to with image ads on the Google Display Network (GDN) with the highly targeted and conversion-centric keyword targeting found in a traditional Search campaign. All you have to do is enable remarketing within your Google AdWords account and have an active audience list of 1,000 users. With this list (or multiple lists), you can then layer your Search campaigns with a remarketing audience which will allow you to set out an amazing promotion/discount for this subsection of users to entice them to come back and or you can adjust keywords to be a bit more broad to better increase the chances of a return visit. There are many different RLSA strategies out there to make your advertising campaign more successful.

Targeting the modern car-buying audience means embracing online marketing.

RLSA campaigns, will use the same cookie-dropping functionality as GDN remarketing to track the users who’ve been on your website, don’t just willy-nilly show your ads to anyone searching on Google. A user must be actively looking for the vehicles/services that your dealership offers, then we can match them with the keywords targeted in your account. RLSAs = a smaller, much more qualified audience you can monopolize on.

We know the “what” now here’s the “why”: We all know that a lot of research and shopping around goes into the car buying process; the average car shopping touches 24 different points of information during their search, 83% of those are dealer websites – your website. So why would you not make sure that your brand is there through it all?

The first resource most people turn to when searching for their next vehicle.

Google is the single largest search engine on the planet – period – you KNOW your customers are using it to figure out what to buy, where to go and how to much to spend. Supplementing your Google AdWords account with ever-so targeted RLSAs is a surefire way to be remembered by customers and drive those conversions up.


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