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Three Things You Need to Know About the New Bing Network

From February 18, 2016 onward, Bing Ads will further empower individuals and organizations to achieve more. How are they going to do that?

Bing has been in Google AdWords’ shadow for quite some time. With Bing’s new network (and with you in mind, of course), they’re lined up for growth and success.


First, Bing has changed–and is still changing–the way we search. Let’s look specifically at Windows 10. In this latest version of Windows, you’re able to search for items right from your Bing-integrated start menu. It seems so simple. And that’s one of the reasons Bing has seen and will continue to see an increase in their searches–it’s so simple. Bing’s capabilities span across other devices, platforms, and partners such as the Xbox One, AOL, and the Wall Street Journal.

Second, Bing is setting up points of parity by remarketing the brand and offering an Ad Editor to Mac users for improved utility and usability. Bing wants to help you “Be There” during moments that matter, so these changes were no-brainers for ensuring advertisers had access to all the tools they might need with the Bing Toolkit.

Third, Bing’s statistics for search uniqueness are very attractive to individuals who love to test and then retest. Bing reports they get 1 in 3 of U.S. searches and 15 billion monthly searches around the globe. This number continues to grow. They even say 25 percent of clicks resulting from searches are exclusive to the Bing Network. This opens the door to so much more testing; for example, keywords that don’t work well in AdWords might be successful in the Bing Network.

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