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The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Sides of Boosted Posts

If you run a Facebook Business Page, you’ve probably felt tempted to click that “Boost Post” button right beside one of your posts at least once. Sometimes, you’re confident enough in your latest post that you’d want to expand your reach outside your current user base. What could this mean for your...

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The Q-4 Scaries

Scenario: it’s the home-stretch of 2018. The fourth fiscal quarter hits and you see consumer traffic dry up like a raisin. Well, maybe things aren’t so dire. But we all know that, as a business, you’ve got to acknowledge and adapt to the seasonal change in consumer focus. No, it’s not like people...

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Do It for The ‘Gram!

  In a dealership a few kilometers away, there is a car waiting for you . . . *CUT*. Okay, it may not be a movie, but you can bring just as much excitement to your ads with Instagram and, more specifically, Instagram stories. The days of television commercials and big billboards are coming to...

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