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What? There Are Other Competitors Advertising?

How to Compete When the CPCs Are High. In the automotive marketing industry every day is a battle.  Just as it’s a battle as a consumer to find the perfect car; from navigating the internet, wondering if you can trust your friend’s recommendations that he or she claims will get you the perfect...

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Last-Click Attribution is Fake News

The Stats: Conversion Rates, Goals & Assists My personal favorite Wayne Gretzky statistic? If you take away all his goals and just count his assists, he would still have more total points in the NHL than any other player’s goals and assists. Combined. It is worth noting, however, that a certain...

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What IS Attribution Modeling?

Ever wonder why the conversion data in your Analytics account is different from AdWords?  That is because of attribution modeling. An attribution model is a rule or multiple rules that are assigned to different touchpoints in a conversion path.  Consumers may interact with multiple touchpoints during...

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