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Strathcom Websites & MotoInsight Retailing: The Perfect Combination

Banner depicting the Strathcom and MotoInsights logo on the left; and the phrase "Redefining Digital Retailing, Together" on the right

Making your dealership relevant in the world of digital commerce is more important than ever before—and making a website is only half the battle. At Strathcom, we’re always developing new online solutions for your dealership to take advantage of in addition to our responsive websites. That’s why we’re partnering with MotoInsight to bring you and your customers the most integrated website and digital retailing experience in the automotive industry. 

Take a look below to see how bundling Strathcom websites and MotoInsight retailing into one complete package can take your car sales to new and innovative heights! 

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Partnered with thousands of automakers and dealerships across North America, MotoInsight redefines automotive retail with its flagship digital retailing platform: MotoCommerce™.  MotoInsight works with the largest banks, automotive software providers and insurance companies in the continent to bring dealerships the most encompassing solutions for e-commerce, data and analytics to your business. Strathcom is excited to bring you the opportunity to add the MotoCommerce™ platform to our websites and we can’t wait to share how you can up your digital retailing game! 

The Strathcom & MotoCommerce™ Experience

Online Add-Ons & Payment Calculation

The MotoCommerce™ platform lets your customers configure both the vehicle and calculate the OEM-accurate finance/lease pricing they want right from our vehicle display page. With MotoComerce™, customers can choose the trim-level and colour they want for their vehicle, and choose the payment options that best suit their preferences as well! Additionally, you can also let customers add additional accessories and warranty options that your dealership offers all in the same transaction so they get everything they want right out of the gate when they pick the vehicle up from your dealership. 

Integrated Appraisal & Application Tools

If your customer wants to trade their vehicle into your dealership, the MotoCommerce™ platform also lets them upload photos and information right from their devices, giving them an appraisal price on the spot with final prices being subject to approval from your dealership. For customers looking to finance the vehicle, the built-in credit application tool lets them securely enter and submit their information, which gets automatically updated and notifies them once they’re eligible and approved. 

Intuitive E-Commerce Tools For Dealers

MotoCommerce™ not only gives your customers the tools they need to get the vehicle they want, but it also gives you the tools you need to help them at every step of the purchase journey.  Everything from real-time customer notifications, customizable pricing sheets, as well as purchasing insights, data, and analytics are all at your disposal to make every sale as easy as clicking “buy”. 

Bundled Pricing For Every Dealer

Header image with three electronic devices displaying the MotoCommerce™ tool with the text "Bunded Website Packages Starting at $1,999" on the right side of the graphic

The biggest perk from our partnership with MotoInsight is that you can be confident you received the best deal! We’ll be offering you the chance to get a Strathcom Messier-level website with the MotoCommerce™ platform all bundled into a discounted price of $1,999! The reduced price on both products gives you the most advanced solutions to do what you do best: sell cars.

If you’d like to inquire about how you can get this excellent bundle, make sure to contact us at today! Click here for more information on the MotoCommerce™ platform.

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