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Strathcom Media: Beyond the Wall(s)

Carrleesi and her dragon

Before working for Strathcom Media, I’d never-before met such bold allies and merciless foes. I’ve witnessed a queen conquer faraway lands, weathered an attack from the Ice King, and watched a ruler’s dynasty overthrown.  Since Game of Thrones’ season 8 premiere isn’t due until early 2019, I can’t help but see the Strathcom Media head office as a medieval battleground, wrought with schemes and maneuvering. Read on and hear about a new employee’s life at Strathcom Media — the Game of Thrones Edition.

Near the end of my twenty-fifth winter I was first granted an audience (for an interview) by the office Khaleesi, Carrie, Director of Product Development. Carrie asked for my allegiance in her crusade against poor digital strategy, and I pledged to her as my Khaleesi.

After confirming my devotion, Carrleesi flew to a mysterious easterly land. Presumably by dragon, but maybe by Japan Airlines. Either way, her legion of former-slaves turned web developers stood unwavering, diligently building Jaguar/Land Rover sites in her absence. There are whispers about what procedures one must undergo to maintain such stoic focus.

Morgan the Ice King

In the two fortnights of Carrleesi’s absence, Westeredmonton’s political foundation was shaken. Perhaps due to the lack of HR (and murder being out of the question) manipulation was the path to the throne. Enter: Morgan, the Ice King. We know to be wary of winter, but few expected such a cold wrath to arrive so soon.  Not one lunch room table warrior is safe from the scrutiny of the Ice king. Supported by a dead army of quick wit and shameless ability to exploit your most vulnerable traits, the Ice King spares no one. Especially poor, poor PPC Analyst Wes…

In true GoT fashion, the sly succeed in ways the strong cannot. Amidst allegiances and attack, an easter-egg character was reintroduced late to the series. Leo, Director of Client Services, demonstrated his influence as the office Littlefinger. Skilled at operating in secret, Leofinger bided his time in the shadows, waiting for an opportune moment to strike.  In Carrleesi’s absence, and Westeredmonton weakened by the Ice King’s attacks, Leofinger seiged the coveted throne of good King Price.

Carrleesi returned to applause from her beloved subjects with treasures from the East, but Westeredmonton’s landscape had changed. For power eminates from the throne, and Leofinger has staked his name-right. Do I honor my vow to Carrleesi, or pledge my allegiance to Leofinger the Conqueror? Stay tuned for the second volume of Strathcom Media Game of Thrones Edition It may be June, but in Westeredmonton, winter is always coming.


Game of Thrones

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