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Strathcom Celebrates Cinco de Mayo, Fells Piñata

EDMONTON, AB – In an elaborate ruse to root out the company’s most skilled Jedi warrior, Strathcom staff celebrated the Mexican-American holiday, Cinco de Mayo.

The social committee, led by Carrie, Megan Lepp, Adam, Bill, and Leo, helped to set up and organize the event. The food included dos tacos, salad, and pico de gallo, and was supplemented by virgin margaritas and daiquiris. Today’s event also coincided with three new interns joining the Web Design staff. Online Marketing Manager, Daniel Lord, thought it would be a pretty great idea to tell them that this kind of thing happens every day.

While staff sat in a circle to share lunch, Strathcom President, Duncan Cochrane led a crowdsourced discussion to discover the true meaning of the holiday, which Wikipedia describes as “generally mistaken to be Mexico’s Independence Day.” Though no consensus was reached, it was generally agreed upon that today was also the 25th birthday of R&B singer Chris Brown, and that he is persona non grata around the office.

The day’s highlight was yet to come. After plenty of food and social bonding paying homage to Mey-hee-co, the afternoon’s events culminated in the destruction of a festive piñata. Uno por uno, a succession of reluctant volunteers took a turn donning a blindfold and battering the flamboyant cardboard donkey, before it was finally destroyed by Carrie Oliva.

“I saw a job that needed to be done,” said Oliva, “so I rolled up my sleeves, and knocked that donkey’s head off its ass!”

Oliva, though nearly thrown off by the encouraging honks from passing motorists and purposely misleading advice from her coworkers, nonetheless managed to regain composure before beheading the piñata with one fell swoop of her rigid cardboard tube.

However, not all contestants were as accurate as the web designer, who also captained the winning team from last month’s Easter egg hunt. Digital Content Strategist and regular blog contributor, Michael Fisher, was cruelly mocked by two dozen of his coworkers for his wayward attempts, as captured in the following footage.

Fisher, 24, was reached to comment, but declined. NOTE: No staff members were bludgeoned by misdirected swipes at the piñata.

Virgin Margaritas salsa tacosPinata Dana, the intrepid camerawoman, narrowly avoids a deadly bludgeoning.

Pinata Pinata Strathcom Media Staff

Recruiting volunteers proves difficult.


Sarah appears to be at a disadvantage, but tags the piñata, nonetheless.

Pinata Candy Dave Lam risks his life pursuing a stray piece of candy.

Hitting PinataDestroyed Pinata

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