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Strathcom at Dreamforce 2015!

What do you get when you take 160,000 people and stuff them into San Francisco for a week? One of the largest software and technology conferences in the world: Dreamforce!Strathcom was proud to attend Dreamforce '15

Dreamforce is put on by Salesforce, who in the next year will become the 4th largest software company in the world. They bring together thought leaders, industry pioneers, and peers to take part in 1,500 sessions around downtown San Francisco. The conference takes over all the main hotels and with so many attendees, they need to bring in a cruise ship for extra lodging.

No, that wasn't hyperbole, they really need a cruise ship.

The goal of Dreamforce is to educate, inspire and share successes of the past and what is coming in the future. If you are in Sales, Marketing, Admin, Support, or Development this conference is made for you.

You can mingle with tech leaders like Satya Nadella (CEO of Microsoft), Marc Benioff (CEO Salesforce), Susan Wojcicki (YouTube), and meet some high profile people you might not have guess are also entrepreneurs like Jessica Alba, Goldie Hawn and Adrian Grenier. Though it’s interesting to attend keynotes from high profile tech leader, the real magic of Dreamforce is the session.

Just a small sample for this year's speakers.

The sessions allow you to open the door to what is coming and what new things companies have tried and are finding success with, and how online is shaping that. You can go to a “Circle of Success” session where you share experiences on the topics you are covering and bounce ideas of each other. Speaker sessions which are your classic classroom style session with a speaker and an audience. One on one sessions, Hands on trainings, and more.

The way all companies interact and market to their customers has changed, and is always changing and that is why Strathcom attends cutting edge conferences like this so we can be prepared for what the future has in store.

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