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Car Parts & Service: The Auction Your Dealership Is Missing Out On

The hard truth: winter is coming. And with winter, comes white walkers snow and ice that require consumers to switch from their summer to winter tires. Car parts and services search queries happen year round, but many queries see huge seasonal peaks that your dealership should be capitalizing on.  With the looming seasonal change upon us, is your dealership ready to face the long night?

Seasonality Insights                                                                                       

According to the Google webinar we attended last Thursday, parts and services see average profit margins of 20-30% and 75% respectively; whereas new car sales typically have a margin between 6% and 8%. Google also reports that shoppers who service their vehicle at your dealership at least twice a year are 80% more likely to purchase or lease another vehicle from your dealership.

Winterization and summerization search queries are also major auctions your dealership should capitalize on. During the last minute rush to update their vehicles for the season, customers are turning to search engines, YouTube, and social media to find the best place to get their vehicle serviced. The peak months for the upcoming seasonal change is October and November, but if you want to reach optimal performance, Google suggests you start investing in your parts and service departments as soon as possible.

Although generating leads for car sales is the primary goal, your dealership should not overlook these stats.

Winter is coming, and with it increased search queries

Products to Invest In
When promoting your service department on digital media, you have to make sure you are reaching your customers on the platforms they visit the most. Be present on both desktop and mobile devices when your customers are doing their research and when they are urgently locating a dealership.

Winterization queries peak during the months of October and NovemberDon’t overlook the power of YouTube.  Consumers are researching for car parts and services on YouTube for queries such as DIY, reviews, testimonials, and product information.

Finally, make sure your website has a dedicated section for your parts and service department, including a form that is easy to fill out on desktop and mobile.

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