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Conquering Mobile Conversions Part 1: The Moments That Matter

Going into 2016, Google reported some big changes in the way consumers are researching and purchasing online. Google has reported that 86% of research is done on mobile, and 52% of these searches are done during work hours. It’s pretty clear we are shifting to a mobile driven world, when we consider these additional stats: we are checking our phones 150 times, and spending 177 minutes on our phones a day.

Customers are spending more and more time on their smartphones

It’s evident consumer behavior is changing the digital landscape, we no longer go online; we live online.  But why do consumers seem more open to converting on desktop computers? How consumers behave on desktops is far different than how they interact on their phones. When consumers are using their mobile phones, they are looking for immediate and relevant results, and then make their conversion on other devices.  As digital marketers, we need to identify the moments that matter to mobile consumers.

Identify your customers micro-moments

Micro-moments are a series of moments of defined by Google as moments when we use our mobile devices to take action immediately. We can categorize micro-moments into these five consumer driven moments:

  1. Which-car-is-best moments
  2. Is-it-right-for-me moments
  3. Can-I-afford-it moments
  4. Where-should-I-buy-it moments
  5. Am-I-getting-a-deal moments

These moments consist of intent, context, and immediacy consumers expect on mobile, and when combined, make up the auto shopping journey and how it will end.

At Strathcom, our analysts stay up to date on all of Google’s latest optimizations and best practices to maintain a strong digital presence for your dealership. Stay tuned for part 2 on how to win every micro-moment important to your customer.


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