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What Happens To My Organic Traffic After Cancelling Content Marketing?

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Strathcom Media always emphasizes the importance of producing unique website content throughout its SEO and development strategies, especially when it comes to increasing organic website traffic. As Google actively penalizes websites with either duplicate content or no on-site content from the search engine results page (SERP), we often see this problem occur with automotive websites, especially when inventory pages expire on the site and direct users to a 404 error. 

Instead of making our dealers wait one eternity later for their organic traffic to increase, our main solution for clients wanting to improve their website rankings on SERPs comes in the form of our Content Marketing packages (available at different price points for different publishing frequencies and link building strategies. 

But what happens to your website when you stop producing content on a regular basis? Well, instead of staring at Google Analytics every day in your office like a hermit, the good news is we already did the research to answer that question for you, so you can get back to selling cars!

What Makes Content King?

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The case study we produced (and you can download, winkwink) includes details and insights on the short-term declines in organic traffic for car dealership clients previously using Strathcom’s Content Marketing products for their individual websites. The study took place between the beginning of the cancellation period for these content marketing packages in April 2019, and the effects of the June broad core algorithm change Google released over the summer in the same year.

Here’s a sneak peek for the major questions we’ll be answering in this case study:

1. How much does organic traffic decay post-content marketing with no prior unique content on-site?

If you’re just getting started with content marketing on your site, there’s plenty of room for your business’ online search presence to grow. While some websites will fare better in less-populated cities, others have to deal with the increasingly competitive markets of dealership-dense areas, like Edmonton, Vancouver or Toronto. Our case study traces and examines how these dealer sites fared after adding only a small amount of unique content marketing to an otherwise empty website, and how their organic traffic declined within the confines of a dealer-dense city.

2. How much does organic traffic decay post-cancellation with moderate levels of pre-existing unique content on-site?

Man's skeleton sits in front of laptop in his office. Smart phone, date book beside him. He has worked to death!Have you already started on content marketing but your publishing schedule is a little inconsistent, or you’re not producing as much on a regular basis? While it’s never too late to start content marketing for your site, it can be difficult to get the flywheel moving and see your desired results right away. For websites who only started improving their organic traffic, but gave up after not seeing immediate results quickly, our case study will also show how abruptly changing versus maintaining your publishing frequency affects your organic traffic over time!

3. How much does organic traffic decline post-cancellation with an established content library?

For those who are already content marketing powerhouses, you’ll be happy to hear the rewards for your long-term efforts are better than what you could have imagined at the start. If you were to suddenly stop, however, you’ll also want to know the short-term effects that occur to your organic traffic over time. Will your investment pay off after the fact? (You’ll have to read to find out!)

4. How do Google Algorithm Updates affect organic traffic?

As the search giant periodically releases updates to its broad core algorithm, every website on the internet gets affected both positively and negatively. Depending on how much high-quality content you already published, how much pre-existing content you already have on-site, or whether or not your content adheres to Google’s best practices, you’ll see the drastic variation in results in your organic traffic once the update goes live. You’ll also see how the June Broad Core Algorithm Update affected different websites with varying publishing frequencies and pre-existing content on-site.

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If you want the answers for any of these four questions above, just click here to fill out the form and download the case study, today! Are you looking to get your content marketing started right away? Make sure to contact the Strathcom’s SEO team at to learn more about our packages.

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