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With Facebook, it’s All about Organic Content Now

On January 11th, 2018 Facebook announced a major change to their News Feed algorithm that will cause some impact on brands’ ability to reach users on Facebook through organic distribution.

The change will focus on prioritizing content from friends, family and groups, rather than less public content like posts from businesses, brands and the media.  This means news feeds will likely start to show more pictures of your friend’s new puppy and fewer Buzzfeed articles.

As the changes roll out over the next several months, businesses will most likely see a decrease in their organic reach, but there’s opportunity here…

While there is still some uncertainty on what the exact impact of what the news feed changes will be, there are still ways for businesses on Facebook to work with the new algorithm and continue reaching their customers through meaningful interactions:

  • Continue posting engaging, quality content that encourages comments
  • Reach the right people with the right posts at the right time – utilize your Facebook Insights to understand the makeup of your current audience
  • Take advantage of Facebook’s Live feature:
    • Livestreaming receives 6x the engagement of regular video
    • Currently only 28% of Marketers utilize this feature
  • Make your content a “must have” for your followers – Although the News Feed determines what content people see, they can manually override the algorithm to select people and pages that they want to see first in their feed. This can be done two ways:
    • Via their personal “News Feed Preferences” – People can click “News Feed Preferences” and then “prioritize who to see first”
    • On the brand page itself – People visiting your brand page can click on “following” and then choose “see first”

Should you have any questions about how Facebook’s changes will affect you and your business, or if you’d like some general advice on how to proceed, then we welcome you to contact us at Strathcom!

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