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Oh, What a Tangled Webinar We Weave!

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Here’s the thing—sometimes something perfectly good gets replaced. Even if the original didn’t need improving (*cough* New Coke *cough*). But sometimes, even if the older version was fine, a change can be absolutely reinvigorating. Life-changing even. Now, am I suggesting that the changes we’ve made at Strathcom are going to change your life? Damn straight.

Our last few webinars didn’t quite accomplish our primary goal—to educate our dealers on the areas we receive the most questions about. They didn’t quite capture the imagination like we had hoped they would. They weren’t resonating with our dealership clients quite like we anticipated. I can think of a million ways to say they didn’t hit the mark and, considering we are always telling you that you need to answer your customer’s questions, well . . . we figured it was time to take a taste of our own medicine and answer your questions.

So that’s why we’re going to a question-and-answer format. Two enter, one answers. Face to face. There will be no running, no hiding. We’ve gathered a crack team of SEO specialists, online advertising authorities, market platform mavens, and more, for the purpose of these webinars. We live and breathe this stuff, and we are passing along our considerable knowledge so that you (yeah you!) can take our knowledge and apply it to your business.

Every week we’ll be talking about a new topic—think 60 Minutes, but fewer old journalists fear-mongering and more young professionals clueing you in as to how the finer points of the business work. We’ll have questions, but we’ll have answers too. And we’ll be giving you an opportunity, every week, to ask us the burning questions that keep you up at night. Beside every registration link, and in every newsletter, we’ll provide a form for you to fill out with any questions you might have about the topic that week.

So sign up for our newsletter, favourite our Webinar Schedule page, and carve out 30 to 45 minutes a week to stay on top of all the digital marketing and online advertising information that is literally spilling out of our building!

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