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The New Google-Yahoo Search Agreement

Google continues to hold the lion's share of the search engine market.


After taking a break, Yahoo and Google are getting back together in a new, non-exclusive relationship.  Yahoo has revealed a three year deal with Google that will allow Google to supply search ads to Yahoo’s search results page.  The deal sets up Google to provide search results and ads for an undisclosed amount of Yahoo search queries. The ads will appear on desktop and mobile platforms.  The new deal comes long after Yahoo and Google ended their first search advertising relationship in 2004 when Yahoo decided to develop its own service, Gemini.

Still have questions about the deal? Here are several other things you need to know:

  • Yahoo is still seeing Microsoft’s Bing: the non-exclusive nature of the Google-Yahoo deal still allows Yahoo to use their Gemini product and continue their long-standing relationship with Microsoft. Prior to the announcement of the Google deal, Microsoft and Yahoo renewed their deal to allow Yahoo 49% of their desktop searches to be powered in-house or by another third-party service.
  • You will not have to purchase Google ads from Yahoo: once the deal is completely implemented, your ads purchased from Google will be able to be displayed on Yahoo search space, and you will continue to purchase Google ads.
  • Yahoo Gemini will still be a thing: despite Google’s 64% share in the marketplace, Yahoo is committed to investing in their Gemini service. If you wish to advertise with Yahoo, you are still required to purchase ad space through Gemini.
  • Yahoo will get a portion of Google’s ad revenue: Google will pay a percentage of their revenues from the ads displayed on Yahoo properties. This percentage will depend on if traffic comes from non-U.S desktop sites, or from tablet and mobile phone. In turn, Yahoo will pay Google fees for image search result requests.

The Yahoo/Google partnership allows you to reach untapped markets.

Here at Strathcom, we are always excited to try out many of Google’s new endeavors to improve client’s search advertising experience. The Google-Yahoo deal will allow our clients to gain new leads from an audience previously untapped. If you want to find out more about what we can offer your dealership, call or TEXT us at (780) 433-8844 or reach us by email at

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