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New Google Panda Algorithm Update – May 2014

Matt Cutts, the head of Google Spam, tweeted yesterday that the popular search engine would begin updating its Google Panda algorithm to its latest incarnation: Panda 4.0! May 2014 Panda update tweet  Matt Cutts Panda

Matt Cutts & Panda courtesy of

Google updates their algorithm constantly. And the Panda update is one of the most famous ones, such as the Hummingbird Algorithm and the Penguin update. The Panda algorithm was created to help websites with great, quality-rich content to jump up in the search rankings, while punishing thin and low-quality content websites. This update simply ensures that websites that answer searchers’ questions are rightfully at the top of the search engine results. Google does not want to reward websites that steal content from scrapers or that don’t offer much information.  So what we have here is simply another tweak, the fourth notable one since the algorithm was first launched in February 2011.

4 Tips to ensure your dealership website doesn’t get caught in the updates

1. Don’t copy and paste any content from other websites on the Internet. You don’t want to have duplicated content from your manufacturer website or a competitor’s website. (Even if they’re in a far away region and you’re pretty sure no one will ever be able to tell. Google will!)  Google can easily spot content that is duplicated from another source online.

2. If you don’t have enough information to fill up a page, don’t bother creating one. Otherwise this creates thin content, and the Panda algorithm will most likely pick another website on a similar topic that has a full page of informational content.

For example, talk about how often one should have their oil changed, include a maintenance schedule, and add other related bits of info on the service department page. This is more informational and useful to searchers than a page that says only “We do car repairs.”

3. Create vehicle landing pages that offer information on your latest vehicle models.

4. Blog regularly to answer questions that are often asked by your clients. We’ve even included some helpful and timely blog ideas: Spring Blog Topics.

Make your website a rich automotive library and you’ll see more people linking to your content, sharing your content, and trusting you as a leader in the auto industry! And you’ll get more leads. If you have any more questions, send us an email at or Contact Us today!  

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