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A Morsel of Structured Snippets

Ad extensions are a proven method of improving ad performance metrics by providing more relevant information extended from your ads. By implementing ad extensions, you can expect two things:

  1. Greater visibility of your ads: ad extensions are viewed at the top of the Google Search Network, instead of at the side of the search results page. They are also helpful in improving your ad position; if competing ads have equal bid and quality, the ad with relevant ad extensions will appear higher than the other.
  2. Improved ROI:  gain valuable clicks to generate profitable customer traffic. Your click-through-rate will thank you as well.

Example of a location extension

At Strathcom, our extensions of choice that have proven to be successful are:

    1. Sitelinks: additional links to other relevant pages of a dealer’s website, such as contact information, and links to the finance and service department.
    2. Call extension: a quick way for customers to call your dealership by clicking a phone icon next to your ad.
    3. Callouts: quick descriptive texts to highlight what else you have to offer, like MSRPs.
    4. Location extension: displays your address and map marker with your text ad to encourage customers’ to visit your dealership.

Example of a call-out extension

In addition to our current efforts, we are now looking forward to experimenting with Google’s latest addition to ad extensions, the structured dynamic snippet.  The structured snippet is an automated extension that generates information, from headers of your choosing, about your products and services from your site that would attract potential customers.  Structured snippets will appear with your current and new ads on the Search and Display Networks.

Example of a call extension

So what benefits will you see from structure snippets? Well potential customers will have access to additional information on your products and services, without having to edit any landing pages and HTML. Google will do all the work by taking snippets from your landing pages and display what customers would find useful. For example, if your customer is searching for a new SUV, Google will scan your current landing page for information such models in stocks trim types, SUV fixed ops, and incentives.  All information your customer will find useful when deciding where to shop. The headers you can chose for Google to show include brands, styles, service catalogues, and many more.

Example of a sitelink extension

Additionally; ROI will improve when you attract customers based on the other services you provide, which will generate profitable clicks. Structured snippets are an excellent way to showcase all your features without sacrificing text space and spend.

Here at Strathcom, we are continuously working to provide our clients with services that will maximize their online advertising efforts. Structured snippets are only the latest tool our experts are working with to guarantee your dealership gets the most awareness and leads for your dollar. Contact us to get your dealership started with a successful online marketing account.

Example of a structured snippet

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