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How Mobile-Friendly Are Your Ads?

Mobile search has become a way of life for consumers. In fact, Google proclaimed that 2015 was the first year that saw more searches being done on mobile devices than on desktops and laptops combined. Not surprisingly, more and more people conduct their research online before making a purchase, and automotive customers are no different. Buyers are now Googling vehicle brands, reading reviews, comparing models, and visiting dealership websites before finally deciding on which vehicles they’re interested in and where they will be purchased.

Customers are spending more and more time on their smartphones

It is important to make mobile searches easy for consumers by delivering content quickly and simply. The ever decreasing attention spans that characterizes this new generation means that they have no patience for second guesses, ambiguous messages, and information that requires an extra click or two to locate. Searchers want to be able to tell at a glance what your business is offering, and your ads should give a proper and enticing preview for what they can expect when they click on them.

Users now expect ads to be helpful and relevant, containing information such as phone number, location, store hours, promotions and any other pertinent information about your dealership and the services they are interested in. If they do not see what they need or what they like, it is easy to move on and scroll into the open arms of your competitors.

Mobile friendly ads can be the key to success

But think focusing just on content is good enough? If only things were that simple. Content may be king, but without a set of eyes to receive it, it is worthless. It is not only the ad that matters but also where it sits on the mobile screens of consumers. With the smaller real estate on smartphones as compared to desktops, it is imperative that your ads be in the top 2 positions in order to secure the best chances that they will be viewed by searchers. A slip down the ranks on a mobile screen is a tumble into the abyss in the prospective buyer’s mind, so make sure you know your quality scores and implement your bidding strategies effectively.

Now, just how mobile-friendly are YOUR ads? Not too sure? Let our experts at Strathcom help you to determine the answer as soon as possible, as car-buyers on the go are hungrily seeking information, and the competition is always just a click away.

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