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Use Messenger Ads to Reach Your Target Market

People already spend time on Messenger interacting with the businesses and brands they love, and now with Facebook’s Messenger ads, they will have an opportunity to discover experiences directly on their home tab.

Man typing in Facebook Messenger

These ads will include:

  • Messenger ads – found in the home tab of Messenger. When people tap on an ad, they will be sent to the destination chosen during ads creation; this can be your website or a Messenger conversation.
  • Click to Messenger ads – take full advantage of the personalized nature of messaging by driving people to a conversation after they interact with the ad in Facebook, Instagram or Messenger.
  • Sponsored messages – allow businesses to re-engage with people who have started a conversation with them.

With more than 1.2 billion people using Messenger, it is another powerful platform for you to reach your potential customers. If you don’t believe us, check out this recent Business Insider article that gives three examples of companies that were able to generate huge results from Messenger campaigns. One example was Tommy Hilfiger: during Fashion Week NYC this year, they found that 3.5 times more was spent through Facebook Messenger than any other digital program.

To find out more about Messenger and other ad methods available with Facebook, visit the Facebook Business website and check out our case study, or drop us a line today!

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