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Market Inventory

Market Inventory is the foundation of the dealer tools built on our Market Platform. With built-in ChromeData VIN decoding, we have the tools to ensure dealer inventory is accurate and complete. Dealers can put vehicles on special, write descriptions, and upload photos and videos of new and used inventory. We offer a VIN Decode Wizard within Market Inventory to allow dealers to quickly update their vehicles with the click of a mouse.

When it comes to managing inventory, we go beyond just taking a single feed from a DMS. We maintain data partnerships with the majority of DMS providers, many OEMs, automotive industry providers, media/print companies and many other automotive portals across Canada. This allows us to integrate dealer data from multiple providers and set priorities on which data provider is allowed to update specific inventory elements. Do you want your inventory data from your DMS and pricing or photos from a third party? No problem, we can do that.

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We know dealers have better things to do than spend time looking through inventory to see which vehicles are missing photos or descriptions. Our Home Page Dashboard provides dealers with common inventory metrics their team needs to keep their inventory current.

Mobile Lot cAPPture

Our Mobile Lot cAPPture app lets dealers snap photos, update inventory pricing and information, and add vehicle descriptions right from their smartphone or tablet. Of course, dealers can upload images through Market Inventory from their PC if captured by a traditional camera.

Market Pricing

Consumers research their vehicle purchase more than ever and price is a driving factor. Dealers need to offer pricing that is competitive so they can turn more inventory. With Strathcom’s Market Pricing tool, dealers get an all-in-one web application to factor in their store’s price objectives in order to save valuable time, allowing them to price inventory accurately and competitively.

Built right into our Market Inventory tool, we have integrated market pricing metrics such as price rank, percent to market, and market day supply. Our database currently includes over 80,000+ used vehicles and is constantly growing. This tool allows dealers to actively price vehicles to the market based on real-time data from their local region, along side current Canadian Black Book data.

Our NEW Detailed pricing (or stackable pricing) tool will further help our dealers effectively merchandise their inventory and provides pricing transparency to their potential customers online. The product allows dealers to include multiple price deduction and add-on items to provide consumers with more price details. This feature has the ability to export the all-in pricing to your marketing or syndication channel partners.


Get more eyes on your inventory, easily.

Strathcom Media has one of the oldest and largest direct syndication networks in Canada. We have long standing relationships with Kijiji, Auto Trader, CarGurus and many others—one of which includes being a Facebook Marketplace official partner. Input your new and used inventory with ease, automatically and seamlessly syndicate your inventory from one central system to remarket your inventory in a cost effective manner for you
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  • Canadian Black Book
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