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Instagram Advertising

With over 500 million users, Instagram is becoming one of the largest mobile platforms and a large contender for other advertising mediums. In 2015, Instagram launched Instagram Ads which has given businesses the ability to increase awareness, message association, as well as increase traffic to their websites.  Before choosing which ad format works best for your company’s objectives, you need to choose an audience that best fits your business model. For example:

  • Where are you trying to target (location)?
  • What age range?
  • What detailed interest are you trying to target?

After choosing your target audience, now you have the hardest choice to make:  which ad format should you choose?

There are three types of Ad Formats available on Instagram:

Photo Ad:  Single picture, letting the advertiser tell their story through imagery.

photo ad for Instagram

Video Ad: 60 second video with sound. Previously, video ads were only 15 seconds, now they can showcase more in-depth video.

video ad for Instagram

Carousel Ad: Tells a deeper story and shares more images with people interested in the advertisers post. You can showcase 3+ images in one ad. This would be ideal to showcase different products, services, or specials.

carousel ad for Instagram

Where can you create these ads? This can all be done on the Facebook Ads Manager or Power Editor. Facebook has made it very easy to advertise on both digital platforms.  For example, if you’re creating an ad for Ads Manager or Power Editor and you wanted that same ad to be shown on Instagram,  Placements lets you decide where you want your ads to appear.


If you’re looking to increase awareness or increase conversions on your website, Facebook offers a large network of over 1.65 billion users. This is one large platform for you to advertise on!

If Instagram is the way you would like to create ads, we have a team at Strathcom Media that specializes in ads on both Facebook and Instagram. Please feel free to contact our team today for further information!

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