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New Findings Show What Customers Really Want When Searching Dealer Inventory Online

Colour choice is vital for car buyers

Does your dealership emphasize colour choice when listing a new vehicle online? Despite our roads largely being populated by ho-hum silver, black, or white cars, the folks at Cobalt Digital Marketing have discovered some surprising customer preferences about the importance of those otherwise modest shades.


Although the venerable Henry Ford had no trouble selling 15,007,034 Model Ts (as long as they were painted black), today’s car buyers value colour choice much more than you think. Well paint me rosso corsa red and call me Ferrari!


According to a Cobalt survey, every single shopper wanted to search by vehicle colour before filtering by price, discounts, transmission type, or any other options. In contrast 63 percent of dealers thought the number one factor for customers would be price, and only 26 percent picked colour as a top priority when browsing a vehicle inventory.


So what does the data tell us? Colour needs to be an easily filtered option in your vehicle inventory search results.


This is where Strathcom can help you make your competitors green with jealous rage. Our Responsive Website Platform can be configured to filter by colour—and of course all other standard inventory features.

Strathcom Responsive Web Design

Whether customers are using a smartphone, tablet, or dusty old PC circa 1990, our Responsive Websites will make it speedy and simple for your clients to search for the ideal new car in their hue of choice.


Can your customers currently filter through vehicle inventory by colour? If you’re interested in transforming your customers’ search experience into an easy paved road, contact us. We’ll help you increase site traffic and sales, making abandoned clicks a thing of the past!

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