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Google Removes Right Side Ads from Desktop SRP

Big changes are coming from the forces over at Google. As of February 19th, 2016, Google has removed the ability to serve ads on the right hand side of the desktop’s search results page. This means ads must place on the top three positions, or fall to the bottom of the page, to be seen on a consumer’s search result page.

Google has removed ads from the right side of the SRP

The changes come from a series of layout tests conduct over a few years, and will affect all searches in all languages worldwide. However, an additional fourth position ad above organic results will be displayed for “highly commercial queries”. These would include queries such as “car insurance” or “Toronto car dealers”.

So what does this mean for your dealership?

Despite these changes, remain calm, there are several things you can still do:

  1. Keep bidding on your brand: Branded keywords are cost effective and easily maintain top positions. They are also the best converting keywords in your account.
  2. Improved mobile presence: Leads from mobile devices have totalled 16,042 with a CPA of $24 since November for all Strathcom PPC accounts. Since Mobile searches are on the rise, we can reallocate some focus to improving mobile traffic on your site and maintaining the top positions on mobile.
  3. Below 3 position are not big lead generators: don’t sweat losing leads due to these changes. Most leads are generated from the top 3 positions. So your ads that stay on top and convert won’t become lost in the white space.

At Strathcom, we are always up to date on all new trends and changes in the world of PPC. Contact us today if you have questions regarding your PPC account.

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