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Strathcom’s Look Inside Google Partners All-Stars Summit 2015

Google Partners Global All-Stars Summit in Mountain View, CA
Google Partners Global All-Stars in Mountain View, CA

Strathcom was honoured to be selected among hand-picked agencies around the world for the exclusive Google Partners All-Stars Summit held in Mountain View, CA. The agencies invited to attend were the top partners in each country and Strathcom represented Canada.

Trish and Zac at the Google Partners All-Stars Summit
Our Director of Client of Services, Trish &
PPC Analyst, Zac were our lucky attendees
Map at the Google Partners All-Stars Summit
Attendees from 51 Countries

Google flew two Strathcom team members out to Silicon Valley for a three-day summit to learn what is coming down the pipeline from Google as well as share industry best practices and innovations.

Google Map car at the Google Partners All-Stars Summit
The Google Map Car!
The Android garden at the Google Partners All-Stars Summit
The Android Garden

The exclusive summit included a sneak peek on how Google gathers marketing data, enhanced conversion tracking to maximize ROI, as well as sessions on a wide range of Google services such as Google Now, Analytics, and Adwords.

Highlights included “Cartoon Powered Marketing,” a session by guest speaker Tom Fishburne, founder of Marketoonist.  Fishburne discussed the future of Content & Viral Marketing in a fantastic tongue-in-cheek presentation, and at one point on the topic of advertising, declared: “Don Draper is no longer in charge.”

A funny illustration presented at the Google Partners All-Stars Summit

Another powerful presentation by Anne-Marie Farrell, Google’s Director of Strategy & Analytics for SMB Marketing, included an unveiling of how Google analyzes consumer behavior and creates strategies to maximize customer spend and conversion rates.

The number of devices people will have by 2020, as predicted by Google at the Google Partners All-Stars Summit
By the year 2020, Google predicts we will
see more than 35 billion connected devices.
That’s only 4 years away.
A multi-screen demonstration at the Google Partners All-Stars Summit
90% of your shoppers use multiple
screens. Are your ad campaigns
and website optimized?

We ended the summit with an interactive demonstration of Google Cardboard, Google’s simple, fun, virtual reality solution that uses your smartphone.

The Google Cardboard handed out at the Google Partners All-Stars Summit
Google Cardboard

cardboard 3google cardboard

google cardboard volvo
Innovative brands like Volvo are already using Google Cardboard to create Virtual Test Drives for customers

After three days of intense sessions and networking, our team is excited to roll out everything we’ve learned and share all the new developments coming down the Google pipeline with our dealers.

Thanks again to Google for inviting us to attend the Google Partners All-Stars Summit, being an awesome partner, and showing us a great time.

We are energized to keep growing and we’re already looking forward to next year!

The Android garden at the Google All-Stars Summit
See you next year!

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