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The Google Click to Text Beta: What It Can Do For You

We all know the importance of mobile advertising strategies to generate phone calls to your business, but how about getting customers to text you as well?  Similar to the click to call ad buttons, Google is testing the ability for customers to send an SMS to your business. With a simple tap of the icon, Google will launch the customer’s primary texting app, with a prefilled message containing your business’ information, and a message you can control.

Google's click-to-text feature gives your customers a whole new way to communicate!

Texting is an easy form of communication, one that is preferred by many in order to avoid human contact.  By allowing your customer’s to communicate through SMS, you can create an all new level of business-to-client relationship that can increase the flow of information, which can lead to potential sales.

There still isn’t much information available regarding the beta and Google’s goals for the extension, but we are confident it will be another tool that you can use to help your business dominate in the age of mobile.

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