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What’s New and Exciting in Google Analytics for 2018?

We as customers have very high expectations for relevant and customized content from businesses. Google is always trying to improve and understand the user’s journeys and find new ways to deliver us that data.

According to Google, almost 90% of marketing executives say that understanding user journeys across channels and devices is critical to marketing success.

So let’s take a peek at the four new features in Google Analytics for 2018 to help us better understand our customers.

More of a Focus on Users in Reports

User metrics are a valuable way to understand your customer and their road to converting. With the new updated standard reporting you can see how many visitors came to your site from paid search as well as see the sessions. This allows important user data to be front and center when looking at data, instead of just focusing on sessions.

Measure Lifetime Metrics and Dimensions

Google has added a new tool to help marketers analyze visitors individually, lifetime metrics and dimensions for individual users, this data is based off on the lifetime of their cookie. This will allow you to look at historical data and see the total amount of time unique visitor has spent on your site or how many times they visited, what pages they are looking, etc. It essentially provides more accurate data than before, so that you can use that knowledge to deliver a better experience for your users.

Audiences Reporting

Google has also now added the option to build audience based on segments, which then can be linked to AdWords for more targeted marketing. You can now publish these new audiences and see a cross-channel view in Analytics whereas you were unable to connect that data in the past.

Conversion Probability

Conversions Probability is a new metric this year, it provides more analytic intelligence on the people who are most likely to convert based on the use of machine learning, and the transactions that user has made in the past. Pretty cool stuff Google.  Marketers can use this to their advantage by creating remarketing lists that target users that are more likely to convert and reach those users through their advertising campaigns in AdWords.

These new advancements in Google Analytics for 2018 are going to help you understand your user’s journey better and help you provide them a better experience that they have come to expect. For more detailed information on any of these features check out this post on the Google blog. We at Strathcom are looking forward to seeing what features Google comes up with next so we can continue to build better experiences and relationships with the customer.

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