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Foosball, Creativity & Your Bottom Line at Strathcom Media

People like to work out at the gym for a variety of reasons. For some, their goal is to lose weight, to improve their cardio or increase muscle mass. For others, it’s great stress release. Whatever the reason may be, they work with a goal in mind.
Although it takes dedication, repetition and hard work to get the results you are looking for, straining yourself and over-doing it can actually have an adverse effect. You will start to burn muscle, damage your joints and your body will inevitably shut down. It isn’t during your work-out that you increase your muscle mass – it’s when you’re resting that your muscles grow and develop to gradually show the results of your hard work.
The same is also true for productivity in the workplace. Have you ever white-knuckled through a huge task without taking any breaks just to get it over with? Did you notice your quality of work steadily decline towards the end? That’s because you didn’t take the time for a break to relieve stress.
When we installed the foosball table here at Strathcom, we noticed numerous benefits to employees and even to our bottom line. Not only can you claim bragging rights on your ninja speed and pro kicks, it also gives your mind a rest from the daily grind. It gives your brain a chance to re-fuel that genius creative mind, and come back to that big project with fresh eyes, new ideas and restored motivation (and possibly improved hand-eye coordination).

It’s also a great way to improve teamwork and relationship building. It encourages your fellow work mates to cheer you on, get involved in the competition or simply enjoy the entertainment of watching you lose horribly to your opponent. It’s also a great way to deal with stress and conflict by helping relieve both mental and physical tension.
Work is work. But, companies that prioritize efficiency AND fun are much more productive and successful. Employees who want to come to work are far more likely to be committed to their work – even eager beavers.
Remember that “no fun” equals a less-than-best performance. It’s only natural that this would lead to poor quality of products and services. Take our word for it: investing in something fun like a foosball table may just be the best investment your company ever made.

This scientifically proves that playing foosball equals more profit for your company, and no one can argue with science.


By Sarah Guenette

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