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Feeling ‘Worn’ Out By The Same Ad? Here’s How To Fight Against Redundant Remarketing

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If you ever saw an ad about a product or online shop you visited the previous day, you should raise your hand to yourself as you scroll through your phone reading this before going to bed (don’t let Alberta’s summer mosquito’s bite). Online Advertisers know this all too well, but for the uninitiated, this is what we call “remarketing”: a wonderful tool that let us show custom ads to users who’ve recently been to a website or viewed specific content. Remarketing reminds people by saying “Hey, that product you were looking for is still in stock—and look, there’s a sale for it now!” and it’s a practice that appeals to many of our clients (and rightfully so!).

Recent experiments here at Strathcom show this strategy works—and works well! Multiple Facebook accounts we operate with had great results when remarketing campaigns were layered into the mix of a holistic strategy, compared to solely targeting a broader audience with a one-size-fits-all approach.

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But isn’t it annoying when you just purchased that cool-looking jacket you found at Simons, and yet, Simons keeps showing you the same ad for that jacket over and over again? So why waste our efforts and budget on users that already took the very action you wanted them to take?

But fear not! We (and by we, I mean Facebook) have the perfect solution for that.

Creating Custom Audiences with Facebook

Facebook lets you create custom audiences based on a number of criteria such as CRM lists, website traffic, or ad engagement, and layer them all together. We can also use those audiences to not only select who will see our ads but also who won’t, which one could argue is just as important.

Here are some examples of successful techniques we found in tailoring audiences for performance:

Website Leads

This technique involves creating an audience only with people that have recently submitted a lead on your website, then using it as an exclusion when doing general or interest-based targeting.

Returning users

For this technique, we created an audience for past website visitors, excluding those who submitted a lead in the past few days, and used it for remarketing purposes providing new information such as prices, selection, or an upcoming event.

Facebook Form Leads

For this technique, you can create audiences based on people who either submitted a Facebook form (and exclude them from your campaign targeting) or people who opened the same Facebook form but didn’t provide their info. This can also work for all lead forms in an account or just select forms based on the nature of their message and is akin to users who “abandoned cart” in e-commerce.

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These strategies let us take audience targeting to another level beyond just “desired demographics and interests”. Because you know whose behaviour would appear to Facebook as that they’re interested in a nice jacket? Someone who just shopped for and bought that exact jacket! With the right strategy and leveraging the available tools, we can help ensure we don’t spend money on people that have already converted and save the budget to go after those who haven’t.

We, unfortunately, can’t help you if you start feeling haunted by that same jacket in your dreams every night and then start obsessively drawing on your walls, à la “The Number 23”. We can, however, ensure your potential clients don’t go insane over your products, either. If you think your marketing efforts are leading you to a dead end, come talk to the Online Advertising team at Strathcom! Our team is ready to help you find the right audience for your campaigns—and the right people to graciously skip.

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