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Facebook Summit Toronto 2018 – A Refreshing New Outlook on Facebook

Facebook Summit Toronto 2018

On March 28 in Toronto, specialists from across Canada came together for the annual Facebook Summit conference. It was a half day event which consisted of amazing speakers and great food – a full day of learning. After visiting multiple auto-related conferences, training and events, this was a refreshing change for this author as the conference had more of a general outlook about online presence, especially Facebook. Here’s what we learned at the Facebook Summit Toronto 2018 conference.

Opening Session

The event started with an opening session by Nada Stirratt, Vice President of Global Marketing solutions North America, Facebook. As the conference coincided with the recent news about the Cambridge Analytica misuse of Facebook data, Nada quickly addressed what Facebook is doing to combat these issues and what will be done to ensure such incidence is not repeated. A positive way to start the event, as not only did she address a key issue that that most of the audience were curious about, but it also went in-depth into what Facebook is going to do to protect the online community. After addressing the issue, Nada elaborated on what the conference is about and what the audience will gain from attending this event, and went into Facebook’s vision for the future.

Garrick Tiplady, Managing Director of Facebook Canada, built on Nada’s session and talked about how Facebook is integrating the latest technology, like AI, to further advance its platform, and how users can utilize this for their business. Garrick focused on building business by making connections and building bridges, using online/offline data and various Facebook tools.

The last opening keynote speaker was Lisa Mccarthy, Founder and CEO of Fast Forward Group. Lisa was the perfect closer to this opening session as her energy, and personal stories to connect with the audience, were well received. During her session, Lisa engaged the audience by involving them in an activity she uses to succeed in her venture: thinking ahead. The exercise had the audience envisioning themselves a year from now with their achievements, and we were all absolutely absorbed in this.

Boost Brand – Increase Awareness Through Everyday Facebook Tools

One of the key marketing elements is branding. Branding can establish a organization in the minds of consumers and has the potential to make or break that company. Focusing on and investing in proper branding will elevate your business by increasing customer awareness of who you are. We are at a day and age where technological advancement is growing at an accelerated rate, and any company that wants to thrive in an ever-changing environment needs to be properly equipped with the knowledge and tools to propel forward. These technological advancements such as the latest smartphones or the new organizational app you just downloaded help you get through your day in a much quicker and more efficient way.

During the 1.5 hour session, six experts from Facebook, Reprise and Kanter Insights talked to the audience about Mobile advertising, Instagram and measuring data. The session started with emphasis on mobile advertising and how you can utilize your everyday device with your everyday apps to increase brand awareness and improve your market share. The speakers focused on how consumers process (about 30%) more content on mobile than desktop. With tools such as Instagram and Instagram Stories, it is much easier now to get to the right customers with some engaging and interactive ads. Instagram Stories has grown immensely in the last two years, with over 300 million active users on it. You can reach your consumers on a personal level using Instagram Stories, as people use the Stories option to share their lives with others. By referencing many examples of businesses using Instagram Stories, the experts cemented the idea of how effective Instagram and Instagram stories are for success today.

These Facebook tools may be simple and everyday apps, but their power to connect your business with the right crowd is beyond measure – just kidding – they are measurable, and we at Strathcom could show you the results with your business.

You Are In For a Treat

How does the Facebook Summit Toronto 2018 conference enable Strathcom Media to help you? Strathcom truly believes in continuous learning and growth, and makes every effort to ensure our team is updated on the latest information about Google, Facebook and everything else related to the online world. As stated earlier, this event was not auto focused, however Strathcom believes that attending such an event enlightens us with knowledge that the auto industry may not be currently making use of. Learning about the latest technology and tools that other industries use to thrive is what helps Strathcom help you capture the attention of the right audience. Get in touch with us to find out more!

*To Give People the Power To Build Community and Bring the World Closer Together* – Facebook’s Mission

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