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Facebook Ads are Getting Pricier – Don’t Ignore Your Budget

Paid advertising on Facebook is getting more expensive. How much more expensive is it? It’s so much more expensive…that it’s about 10 percent pricier than it was at New Year’s. (*crickets*) facebook catBetween more dealers recognizing the advantages of targeted Facebook ads, and the company’s recent redesign of their News Feed that limits paid content to 5% of total News Feed items, those surefire search terms of old are becoming more of a luxury.

What does this mean for your Facebook marketing strategy?

Some cities have very high rents; that’s in part because a lot of people really want to live there. Facebook advertising works in the same way, and now the competition is boosting up prices. Just make sure you don’t blow your whole budget on promoted content just because all the rich kids want to. At Strathcom, we recommend that you don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Keep a close eye on your vital marketing metrics (like total cost per new customer) and make sure your ROI is still within an acceptable range. Meanwhile, don’t overlook your other promotional avenues, and opt for a well-rounded campaign that aims for market penetration and growth. Facebook Like Button For a free audit of your current marketing efforts, contact us now at

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