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Digital Advertising

We help you focus on what matters most

Strathcom Media is a Google & Facebook marketing partner, and one of Canada's most experienced digital advertising agencies in the highly competitive automotive industry.

We believe in a holistic approach to our client partnerships. Our goal is to improve our clients’ long term market presence, which is why transparency and communication are central to how we operate.

By choosing us, you can be confident that your needs are heard and understood, so that we can execute agile custom strategies and provide solutions that are right for you.

What Makes Us Unique

Custom Packages
Our advertising packages are custom, tailored around your goals. There is no one package or budget which suits all clients perfectly. We work with you to choose a combination of campaigns, and have the flexibility to change tactics as needed.
Transparency is central to how we do business. We provide access to your ad accounts and analytics so that you can check on performance data at any time. Because we aim to be long term partners and believe that everyone benefits from studying historical trends, the more data we can discuss together, the more meaningful our collective efforts can be.
Hands-On Approach
Clients have direct communication with the individuals who actually operate the ad accounts. This hands-on approach minimizes the “game of telephone” when information changes hands between multiple parties, and you get answers and recommendations quickly.
Class-Leading Reporting
We offer a high standard of reporting, including a monthly tailored SWOT analysis, a cross-channel performance dashboard, and the option to telephone of video conference for monthly reviews.
Access & Training
We provide access to training for tools and products in a variety of formats, including live webinars, newsletters, FAQ blogs, and more. Our staff undergo training from the advertising platforms and industry specialists, and we pass it on to you.

Available mediums

Search Advertising

  • Platforms such as Google and Bing.

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) matches user intent in their moments of searching and decision-making with highly tailored ad copy.

  • Prime chance to gain visibility in search results pages over competitors, with many tools to improve budget efficiency.

Display advertising

  • Platforms such as Google, Microsoft, and programmatic networks.

  • A cost effective way to reach users, build awareness, and inform them of offers with attractive images and creative.

  • Guide users along the purchase funnel with a multi-step retargeting strategy.

Social Advertising

  • Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

  • Leverages incredibly detailed targeting options, with interactive and engaging ad formats.

  • Take advantage of a variety of campaign types, from upper funnel to lead generation, made more powerful by prospect & customer list matching.

Video Advertising

  • Platforms such as YouTube and Audience Network.

  • Showcases vivid and compelling creative to grab attention.

  • Target the ideal demographics, interests, and topics, which improves branding and strength of message.

Campaign enhancements:

  • Audience retargeting

  • Customer list matching & targeting

  • Offline conversion reporting

  • Dynamic ad creative

  • Dynamic automotive inventory ads (plus $149/month syndication fee)

  • Lead generation email syncing

Complimentary services:

  • Dedicated account manager & digital marketing specialist

  • Monthly consultative review call/video

  • Monthly tailored SWOT analysis

  • Enhanced dashboard reporting

  • Co-op eligibility pre-approval

  • Regular account audits & optimizations

We Want To

Partner With You!

We offer free proposals for custom multi-platform packages centered around your goals. Contact us and let us know how we can help.

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