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Dynamic Remarketing: Taking Mind Reading to a Whole New Level

Dynamic Remarking - Whole New LevelOften, there are bonus advertising opportunities available through AdWords—opportunites exclusive to e-commerce websites.

Let’s remember some examples…

Google Merchant Centre allowed for seamless integration of inventory into AdWords accounts.

Shopping campaigns (Product Listing Ads, previously) allowed e-commerce websites to advertise their products with ease by tying their Merchant Centre inventory into their creative.

Well now it looks like Google will be sharing some of this extra love and attention with the rest of the advertising world. Over the next few weeks you can expect the Superpower of Search to roll out dynamic remarketing across all verticals—automotive included!

Why is this such a big deal?

Much like original remarketing campaigns, dynamic remarketing allows advertisers to target visitors who have been on their website and serve them up a specific ad based on a page they visited.

Sound familiar? Well, now we can take this further and target users based not just on the pages they visit, but through the products they view. Get ready to do your best Bob Barker or Drew Carey and serve up your content based on a particular product; what do we have for you?… It’s a brand new car (that you happened to have been drawn to three weeks earlier and might have since forgotten)!!

Show specific ads to those people who want to see them

Give it a second to sink in: You have already tracked visitors who have previously looked at a red Ford F-150 XLT on your site. Now you can send those warm leads new dynamic ads with a message tailored to that specific vehicle, part, or service! No more low-converting generalizations required!

Google’s early research seems to support these claims: “Beta clients across multiple verticals reported a 2x increase in conversion rates and 60% reduction in CPA, on average, when they added dynamic ads to their remarketing campaigns.”

Of course this will vary by account; however, it’s clear that these dynamic remarketing ads take tracking users to a whole new level.

Care to join us at this new level?

Interested in reading minds and selling more cars? Contact Strathcom Media today.

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