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Driving Engagement on Facebook

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If you scroll down the news feed on Facebook you’ll probably encounter a video. And not just any video–it’s probably one that will make you at least consider watching. That’s all it takes to be successful on Facebook. Attention, in the world and age of mass information, is the currency potential customers will offer you. One of the best ways to get that currency is through engagement.

But how do you get engagement and what is that engagement worth to you? After all, at the end of the day, everyone should benefit. Here’s 3 ways to benefit:

  1. Videos (entertainment, viewability)
  2. Consistent, barrier-free value
  3. Sticky pages


Videos are the easiest way to deliver a message. Gaining access to information at the push of a button makes it a lot easier for the user to digest information. It’s also a good method to stand out from the competition. If the competition isn’t entertaining the same users you’re targeting, than you have an advantage.

Consistent, Barrier-Free Value

The more value you can provide, the better. However, the best value comes when the interested user doesn’t have to jump through many hoops to get it. In a Facebook post, try to give all the information you have. For instance, if there are multiple vehicles you’re promoting, provide all the information– don’t make the user search for it. Besides, the ‘read more’ option lets users sincerely interested in that information find what they want.

Sticky Pages

This is the result of a having a strong presence on Facebook. On your page, as you accumulate more and more content, you increase the time spent on your page. In addition, you’ll also very likely increase the chance someone views content on your page again. For a car dealership, it’s imperative that you interact with everyone at every level in the car-buying process. Even after they’ve purchased a vehicle, they now look to you for other services.

Bonus – Creating Organic Posts



Always provide value in your posts. Whether your posts are to be entertaining or informational, make sure the user knows what they can get out of it!

And if you need help with your Facebook advertising, let us know!

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