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Double Serving

When working with clients that switch from another provider, we frequently notice that the old provider never actually cancels/ends the clients account and leaves it running… BONUS (Free AdWords) BUT in this case it can cause a ripple effect for the dealer and the new provider.

Not cancelling your original service can cause issues down the road

Google’s main priority is to give the end user the best experience when searching for a certain dealer or brand. When a dealer is caught double serving it just means that there are two ads popping up when a customer is searching with similar keywords. This may sound like a great idea, but the dealer is basically bidding against his own keywords and potentially increasing the bid and causing higher Cost-Per-Clicks.

Don't risk your AdWords account by double-serving

So what happens when you get caught violating Google’s Policy? Google will take precaution and warn the provider, or they will give the dealer an account suspension.

“An account may get suspended if you have several violations or a serious violation. If this happens, all ads in the suspended account will stop running, and we may no longer accept advertising from you. Any related accounts may also get permanently suspended and your new accounts may get automatically suspended at setup”.

There are 2 steps to follow when switching providers:

  1. Make sure the provider is cancelling the account
  2. Let the new provider know when you cancelled and when the new account should launch

At Strathcom, we do our diligence when we come across a double serving account – we pause the account until the other provider fully disables the previous account. When a PPC analyst creates a new account for a client, we take pride in researching and coming up with new keywords and ad texts. Same as Google, we want to provide the best experience for the customers searching for our clients.

If you have any questions about double serving please feel free to contact our team at Strathcom!

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