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Do It for The ‘Gram!

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In a dealership a few kilometers away, there is a car waiting for you . . . *CUT*.

Okay, it may not be a movie, but you can bring just as much excitement to your ads with Instagram and, more specifically, Instagram stories. The days of television commercials and big billboards are coming to an end and the sooner you accept the change and move on with the future of advertising, the more likely it is for you to hit that quarterly sales goal — unless you want to be the next Kodak. That may be a little harsh, but it’s the truth as the entire world goes digital; Instagram is becoming the major platform to push your ideas and vehicles, and reach the right audience.

“Instagram has become the place for visual storytelling”
– an excerpt from the article Driven By Instagram.

Instagram has become a part of daily life for people of all ages, and a platform for celebrities and businesses to interact with their fans and customers. Over 800 million Instagram accounts are active each month, with a staggering 500 million active each day. Instagram stories has become a means for customers and fans to engage with people, products, and services, and over 300 million accounts use Instagram stories everyday. With beautiful images and customized videos, you can target the right audience to attract them to your dealership, showcasing the latest models and services your dealership provides.

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Kids these days…

The so-called “kids these days” aren’t kids anymore, as the entire generation Y has completed high school, have some sort of college or post secondary education, and are active members of the workforce, beginning to replace baby boomers. As these “kids” start to pave the future and chase their dreams, they will be looking to make big ticket purchases — and guess what is part of the “dream”? A new car! Individuals within the 18 to 34 year-old demographic make up a huge population of active members on Instagram, and interact with a variety of businesses. There is no better platform to reach the right customer than Instagram, where a group of individuals who share the love and passion (not to mention income) for cars, connect to learn more about their prospective purchases. So why not show them the latest models and car tech?

About 41% of instagrammers share a photo of their new car purchase according to Driven by Instagram. Which means, even if you don’t directly connect with a potential customer, selling a car to a “friend of a friend” can potentially bring them closer to you. How, you wonder? Essentially through Instagram’s location option, hashtags, and tagging features; if the customer utilizes any of those features, someone who views the picture or video will have a good idea of where the purchase occurred (sounds like a good opportunity to provide some, “you scratch my bike, I’ll scratch yours” incentive to customers). One of a few million scenarios that even Doctor Strange couldn’t have seen – get it? Okay, jokes and exaggerated numbers aside, Instagram can be used to reach your potential customers with minimum effort on your part. Just remember that this is the generation that is unafraid to share their experience -good or bad- online, so if your customer service isn’t up to par, you are unlikely to get that coveted IG shoutout.

Why Instagram? What Can Strathcom Do?

“60% of people say they learn about products and services on Instagram.”
“Almost a third of Auto Instagram shoppers said they learned about a new product of services on the platform…”

Two more excerpts from Driven by Instagram, to give you a small perspective on how powerful Instagram can be for your business. With a huge portion of new car buyers and high-income earners being active on The ‘Gram, there is no excuse for you to not have an account, let alone not be actively posting content. With daily or weekly stories, as well as posts, your dealership will become more approachable and relatable for these individuals, and help eliminate the stereotypes of how all dealerships are dinosaur aged businesses; time to let go of those expensive, one-way newspaper ads (did we mention Instagram is free?).

How does Strathcom comes into the picture? Our agency specializes in digital advertising with every single member of our advertising department being part of Gen Y. Not only will this allow us to relate to your potential customers, but we can also use our knowledge and digital marketing Jedi skills, to utilize Instagram and pull customers to your business. On top of that, with Facebook advertising and their unique targeting and placement options, we can target individuals who are more likely to convert.

If you have any questions about Instagram, or how Strathcom uses this platform to engage your audience and drive traffic, please feel free to connect with us on Instagram @strathcommedia or be a little boring err, old fashioned, and email us at

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