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Changing The PPC Game with Google Customer Match

In the world of Google and PPC, there are currently only 4 ways you can target potential customers. These include:

  • Keyword searches
  • Past site Visitors
  • In-Market Audiences and;
  • Affinity Audiences

Recently, Google – in their infinite wisdom – decided to throw another targeting method into the mix and it is sure to float the proverbial boat of car dealers across the world.

Modern advertising involves targeting the individual.

That customer email list your dealership has built out over countless years (much to the apprehension of your customers) has become of use within the realm of PPC advertising. It is now possible to target customers across Google’s platforms based on the emails they have provided you. Are those cheers I hear? I thought so.

For a car dealer, personalization and customization of marketing messages are huge challenges. This method of targeting allows your dealership to peel back one more layer of personalization and deliver a more relevant message to your potential customers. Imagine luring a customer who bought a new car from you 5 years ago back, with a crazy, one-time-only promotion for previous customers. The possibilities are endless.

Personalized emails means more replies from customers, and more sales leads.

While this kind of feature has existed in part on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, neither has the incredible reach of Google’s Search, Display, Video and Email Networks. There are caveats, in that 1000 valid emails are required and they must be linked to Google accounts. However, given the size of most (metro) dealer customer lists, this should be a minor speed bump.

If this is of interest to your dealership, reach out to us via phone or TEXT (we have an awesome texting solution for your dealership) at (780) 433-8844 or email us at

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