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Benefits of Vehicle Descriptions

Vehicle descriptions are a big part of user engagement on a website. Users are more likely to click and on a car when they see a write up that points out why they should buy that car. So what really grabs a viewer’s attention? CAPITALIZED LETTERS? Listing an essay size amount of package options that can turn a reader cross eyed? All these ideas are outdated and consumers skim over them without a second glance.

So how can your write ups engage consumers?

vehicle descriptions

Let’s start from your customer’s point of view:

If you were going to purchase a pre-owned vehicle for instance, what would you be looking for? Would you want to know if they vehicle had any previous accidents, was it owned by more than one person? Does it have any additional warranty? With many online market places for dealers to sell their inventory, a proper vehicle description can set your inventory apart from the competition.

It is suggested that a write up should start with “hot points” about the vehicle. For instance, let’s say you have your mind set on a Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe. You start your online search and see that there are lots of options on across the web, and they are available for many different prices across the country. You live in Calgary, but see that there is available options in Edmonton too. As you are scrolling through, you see the Calgary ad has a generic description, but the one in Edmonton shows a short list of key points – Certified Warranty, Accident Free, One Owner, AWD, Very Low Kms – all these points are positive attributes a consumer looks for when purchasing a vehicle.

A good vehicle description can be the difference between a sale and the car sitting on the lot.

Which one would you click on? Still can’t decide? From there you click on the one in Calgary, no additional information is listed, this car could be a rebuilt, previous rental car with a declaration! You go back and click on the one in Edmonton, you re-read these hot points that showcase a few main positive aspects of the car, then see a well-organized write up about that specific vehicle. This write up includes information on its condition such as, it was well-kept, only driven in the summer season, and received all of its maintenance at a Mercedes-Benz certified service center. It also includes a few key features the car has; it has a Rear View Camera and Navigation! Great, I wonder what else it has!

Which dealer would you contact? The one in Edmonton, because they have taken the time to show that this is a premium pre-owned vehicle, they know what they are selling, and can describe further benefits that this Edmonton vehicle can offer!

A good vehicle description can be the difference between a sale and the car sitting on the lot.

Lucky for you, Strathcom offers vehicle description services to take this task off your hands! With continuous turn over, maintaining great write ups can be time consuming. What better way to get the right information in your write ups than have professional automotive journalists who know their stuff do it for you! To find out more, give us a call today at  1 (888) 914-1444; and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter!

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