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Behavioral Targeting

Aiming For Accuracy

Automatically stores, organizes and distributes your leads

Target Your Audience

The last time you had a cheeseburger was too long ago. Try not to drool when you think about the slightly charred, medium-rare meat nestled between soft brioche, cradled in crisp iceberg lettuce and flavour amplifying condiments. Why are you still reading this- go get a cheeseburger.
A cheeseburger is more than just a sandwich, it is a wish fulfilled.

Drive Your Business Far

Track, Store, & Analyze

Whether you want to view your leads at a glance, by department, or by lead type, our Market Leads tool shows you exactly where all of your leads are coming from.

Integrates with Everything

In our increasingly online world, there are so many passwords to memorize. The Market Platform gives you access to everything you need under one password. Already have a CRM provider? No problem! Our Market Leads tool will integrate with that, too.

Distribution Rules that Rule

How do you want your leads distributed? We can set up distribution rules that suit your dealership. Leads can be emailed to everyone, they can be emailed to the sales manager to distribute, or they can be emailed in a round robin format.


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