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Author: Conor Carroll

TrueView: Watch How YouTube Can Convert More, for Less

In today’s online-marketing driven world, you want to reach an audience where people are paying attention. And with around 3 billion (yes, with a b) views a day, YouTube delivers this engaged reach. Factor in Google’s newfound knowledge that people are 3x more likely to pay attention to online video...

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The World Cup of UTM!

Imagine a world of data that you can interpret, analyze, and use to build future marketing campaigns. Now, what if you could do all that right now . . . from the comfort of your laptop while you watch your favorite country win their next footy match.

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What? There Are Other Competitors Advertising?

How to Compete When the CPCs Are High. In the automotive marketing industry every day is a battle.  Just as it’s a battle as a consumer to find the perfect car; from navigating the internet, wondering if you can trust your friend’s recommendations that he or she claims will get you the perfect...

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