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Author: Carrie Oliva

Here’s a Call to Action For Ya!: Create Better Content

My Takeaways From This Year’s Call-To-Action Conference In our industry, more than others, we are consistently challenged to break through the noise and engage individuals in a way that converts them to customers. This means creating better content. The 5th Call-To-Action Conference, hosted by Unbounce...

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Improving User Experience

A day rarely goes by at the Strathcom office where I (or one of my design team) don’t receive a request to change/edit/add/remove/update the design or layout elements on our websites. The intent of the request is usually to draw more attention to a piece of a client’s website or to increase conversions....

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CRO and UX – A Perfect Match

CRO and UX are two terms that show up often when looking at analyzing and improving website performance. The practices of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and User Experience (UX) may seem similar in the context of the goals you are trying to achieve, but they have unique approaches to methodology...

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Homepage Elements with the Highest Conversion Rates

Conversion Optimization: probably the most important topic imaginable for building car dealership websites, and a topic we’d like to shed some light on. Here’s what we at Strathcom discovered during our tests for conversion rates! A Call to Action is Like Asking for the Sale You train...

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