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Are You Paying 20% Extra to Have Your Website & Advertising through a U.S. Provider?

crossborder_cash_largeWe’ve all heard about it in the news: the Canadian dollar has tanked. It is at its lowest since March of 2009 and doesn’t look like it is going to improve anytime soon. Most people will feel the pinch of the low loonie when traveling to the States or ordering online, but it is business-to-business transactions that are causing auto dealers to re-examine their website and advertising providers.

Could you imagine paying a 20% tax every month on the thousands of dollars you are spending on your website and online advertising programs with no measurable benefit on your end? Well, that is what’s happening if your website provider is based in the United States! This is an unfortunate disadvantage of the weak Canadian dollar, but it doesn’t need to affect your bottom line.

Why not save that 20% and move your services to a Canadian-based company? Not only will you save A LOT of money, but you will also gain partners with a wealth of knowledge in the Canadian car industry that you can’t get from an American agency.

Turns out Made in Canada Is Also Way Cheaper 

In the example below we took an average dealer who is paying $2000 for their website and $5000 advertising their brand and inventory online. With an American provider they would need to pay $1400 (CAD) extra to cover the currency conversion. Think of what you could do with that extra cash. The small fact that they are doing business through an American provider could pay for most of their new website!


If you are with an American provider, stop throwing 20% of your budget away. Contact the good folks at Strathcom Media for a price quote on our locally grown website and online advertising services.


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