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Google Announces Allo & Duo – What does that mean for Google Hangouts?

With the announcement and upcoming launch of Google’s all new mobile-only chat app Allo and Duo, will that be the end of Google Hangouts? No way!

Google has confirmed that Google Hangout is a separate “standalone product” and it will continue to run with no interference from Allo and Duo.

Meet Google's new Allo & Duo app!

What’s the difference between Allo, Duo and Google Hangouts? Allo is a standalone app similar to Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp. With built in learning capability, Allo learns from your messaging to make conversations more simple, direct and easy-to-use.  Have you ever wanted to get your point across and typing in all caps just won’t do it? One of Allo’s new features allows you to type your text and then manipulate the size, clarifying your whispers or shouts in a conversation. Or perhaps you are making dinner plans with your friend and they comment that they would like pizza. Without having to leave the Allo app, Google Assistant allows you to search for pizza restaurants so that you and your friend can choose together and book a table right from the app. By implementing many of these new smart features Allo takes instant messaging to a new level.

Google introduces many new features with Duo, a one-to-one video call app. New features give users even more access to their family and friends with the simple click of a button. Duo gives users the ability to see who is calling even before the call is answered, this feature called Knock-Knock acts as a step above caller-ID! Plus one of the most exciting things about Duo is that it continuously monitors connection and can jump back and forth between WiFi and your mobile network so you never lose your call. These mobile apps for both Andriod and iOS will be available later this summer for download.

While both new apps will offer users new innovations and access to their friends, families, co-workers and more, Google Hangouts will continue to provide it’s established service across the globe. The multi-platform Google Hangouts navigates instant messaging, voice and video calls, content sharing and more so you can seamlessly share data with your contacts. Google Hangouts is a perfect connection for both personal and business contacts worldwide.

Google Allo & Duo will let you keep in contact from anywhere.

As a Google Partner, Strathcom Media is continuously utilizing Google Hangouts to interact with our contacts across the country and across the world. This program is beneficial to our business communication in more ways than one and we will continue to support this product!

“Communications is all about sharing life’s moments.” – Erik Kay, Google Director, Engineering

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